Last week, 1PARA forces capitalizing on the momentum gained from their last operation set their sights on a known enemy stronghold in the town of Benar. The town is of significant tactical value as not only does it sit on the road running East to West along the enemy front line, it also controls access into the mountain road to the North, a well used enemy re-supply route.

After landing at their designated landing site, 1PARA patrolled to the South of a small a village that was to be their forming up point. As they moved up to the top of a small hill they received contact from 3 sides. A military analyst was quoted as saying:

"Usually, in a scenario where information is scare, commanders will want to conduct reconnaissance first to make the best informed position. It is likely that in this case the village was where 1PARA intended to conduct some form of reconnaissance from however, they were obviously compromised on their movement up the hill."

When asked about what lead to the unit being compromised an MOD spokesman said:

"Despite the ground taken by friendly forces over the past week, enemy troops had successfully pushed beyond their own front line which put them behind our own troops advance. All enemy were however quickly neutralized and 1PARA continued on their mission."

The BBC can confirm that later in the operation, after reaching the village 1PARA took sustained fire from the town of Benar. After successfully winning the firefight with support from JSFAW, they breached into the town itself and subsequently took a high number of casualties. A 1PARA spokesman said:

"During the assault and break into the town of Benar, several casualties were taken due to very heavy enemy resistance. The remaining forces were pinned down and were unable to move. After assistance from JSFAWs 7th Squadron and a mutually supporting fire support callsign, 1PARA was able to extract its casualties and men back to MAB Breach."

Military analyst opinions differ greatly on the success of operation. Some say, it was a defeat for 1PARA and they should be withdrawn. Others describe the mission as an opportunity that presented itself and due to the number of enemy casualties inflicted, was successful on keeping the enemy off balance. Both sides do however agree that the town should remain a target due to its significant tactical value.


Last week unknown independent forces were holding between Lake West and the Western Sea. They have since managed to not only absorb the enemy assault but have also successfully broke through and gained significant ground on the West Side.

Military experts suggest that this push was why 1PARA were met with such heavy resistance as it would of been likely that enemy forces retreating from the area would have been moving back to Benar. The independent forces have also come under scrutiny and are arousing a great deal of interest regarding their identity. They have as of yet still not identified themselves or their overall intentions. For the time being though, it seems they welcome the support of UKSF.