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Thread: UK Forces Continue Operations in Al-Rayak - 3 Aid Workers Rescued

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    UK Forces Continue Operations in Al-Rayak - 3 Aid Workers Rescued

    UK Forces continue operations in Al-Rayak, 3 Aid Workers rescued

    UK Forces Launched at daring raid yesterday to free three aid workers captured by Rayakian Separatists, who were taken from Aid station Alpha in the North west of the country. The British forces moved from their landing zone and marched 4km to surprise the rebels. Who were demanding ransoms for the aid workers and had threatened to kill them later that day.

    An MOD spokesman said "UK forces were deployed to rescue the aid workers when it became clear that the Rebels could not be negotiated with, being the only forces in the region meant that they could be deployed quickly and not arouse suspicion as they have been conduction operations in the area for some weeks now. This not only showed the world that the British army is a versatile, effective force it also showed that local groups that no one is above the law"

    This statement came after renewed call for British withdrawal from the country as the number of casualties mounted in the war torn country. Many believe that British troops cannot help restore the president nor should they. Calls for the US to deploy troops to pacify the region was met with silence from the White House.

    John Jillson: BBC Military analyst
    This operation is a massive publicity boast for the British Mission to Al-Rayak, after the failed mission on the 6th October left several solders dead and many more wounded the MOD need a win here. Not only did they destroy a key rebel stronghold in the north of the country the managed to rescue 3 aid workers that even their host nations had given up on. This success does not end the matter and it only gives the MOD room to breath, The few casualties suffered in this operation though no solder was killed could have been much higher with the loss of two Merlins transport helicopters.

    The aid works 2 German and one Czech are reported to be well and recovering in British medical care before being sent home to their families. Hanz Wilder who is a doctor in Stuttgart said "The Guard had just left to get us some water when a huge firefight started, we could tell who was winning but guard did not return has eventually our tent was stormed by British troops who despite being under fire checked us for wounds before moving on." The Medicine sans frontiers thanked the British Army for their skill and professionalism in rescuing the aid workers.

    Report of two British helicopters being shot down during the Operation has been confirmed by the MOD. An MOD Spokesperson said " Two Merlin helicopters were shot down in the north of the country. Though no one was killed the cause has yet to be identified." This sparked more allegations that the current UK forces in AL-Rayak do not have sufficient protection or equipment to operate in the war zone.
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