Despite an ongoing investigation, UKSF forces conducted strike operations against enemy convoys and bases 2 weeks ago in order to destabilize and isolate remaining 901st forces. 1PARA saw the majority of its forces deployed all over eastern Altis moving against enemy armour, troop and supply convoys. A separate smaller reconnaissance force was sent north to organize strikes against enemy supply, fuel and communication bases. JSFAW saw action in both regions with 7 Squadron being tasked to lift 1PARA from one target to the next by employing Air Cavalry style tactics synonymous with the Vietnam War. 656 Squadron was tasked to the specialist reconnaissance unit in the north where it is confirmed to have decimated enemy supply lines. 617 Squadron are believed not to have taken part in the operation.

Headcam: Reconnaissance forces extract after calling Close Air Support against enemy targets

The operation is believed to have been very successful and has seen the 901st supplies destroyed and their freedom of movement extremely limited. It is believed that remaining forces have regrouped in Pyrgos and sought the support of locals. It is believed the capital will be where they make their last stand and is likely, UKSF's next deployment.

It was noted by many skeptics that the operation involved only military targets and was of a nature that required troops to positively identify the enemy before engaging. Critics of the UK's military presence on Altis have called it 'coincidental' and 'lucky' that an opportunity presented itself for UK Forces to engage only military targets. Supporters however have called the operation 'worthwhile' but feel as though UKSF are 'treading on egg shells' with their operation choices in order sate politicians. They accused politicians of 'railroading' UKSF Commanders into situations with 'limited, operationally viable choices.' They have further accused No. 10 of seeking a swift end to the campaign due to political pressure.

A No.10 spokesperson had this to say:

"This office of course supports its own Armed Forces all over the world, especially those deployed in conflict areas. The accusations citing this office as railroading senior military commanders to the point that they are operationally limited and thus risking the lives of their troops, is false. Under no circumstances is operational scope constrained based on political opinion, commanders are free make decisions within the boundaries of operational objectives."

It seems for the time being, operations will continue on Altis against the 901st.