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Thread: Website maintenance and server changes

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    Website maintenance and server changes

    As you're aware, we moved our server to a different company for better specs. As some of us can experience some delay during the phase of movement, please be patient and report everything you see that's buggy to Fisher, me or Beswick so we can resolve the issue.

    For the website, we're currently undergoing changes and will soon release our first early release website to be integrated with forums.


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    Looking forward to seeing this. We're working on a 'recruitment' video that we'd like to put on the front page once its done.
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    You can actually preview the new forum style by changing the theme from default to "UKSF by Alwandy".
    This is a WIP theme that will be introduced as soon as possible.

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    Hi there.

    Just something for the website that I noticed whilst away. It is not that mobile friendly in the forums (I couldnt log into the forums). Is this something that can be adapted in the future?


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    Hi, if you click on forums and scroll to bottom you will see "Log in".

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    Looking good guys!
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