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      Welcome to the United Kingdom Special Forces ArmA 3 British Milsim Units' homepage. We are a like-minded community, dedicated to the mastery on the field, as well as fair and honest management. Unit is based on a real task force the British Ministry of Defense (MOD) employs to handle all British special forces missions, all around the globe.


      United Kingdom Special Forces are a ground breaker for realism, training and cultivation of ability.With members all around the world, and some of which either served or is currently serving with the UK Military; we take pride ourselves on being masters of those fields. Unit always makes the point of recruiting people of all ages and backgrounds, and while teaching them to be better tacticians, better rifleman, better pilots and generally speaking better soldiers, we are not for the faint-hearted, and you must always have a desire to learn and willingness to improve.


      Please feel free to browse our website. Check our articles section to get the newest updates regarding our operations, or click on the Forums tab to browse through our public sections of the forums.

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      Who are we?

      We are an ArmA 3 military simulation unit that is dedicated to mastery on the field and fair and honest management. We follow procedures of the British Army, with the assistance of members who are either currently serving for the United Kingdom or did serve previously and left the army. Due to that simple fact, we strive for realism both in our operations and training. In the Unit, we emulate the 1st Parachute Regiment and Joint Special Forces Aviation Wing of the United Kingdom Special Forces, MOD, with plans to add Pathfinders and SAS in the near future.

      Members of the Unit are encouraged to try out as many roles as they wish, and get additional training while they are at it. Positions include radio terminal operator, field medic, joint terminal attack controller and anti-tank rifleman. Members are also encouraged on taking leadership roles such as Company NCOiC, Troop NCO I/C and Section leader. With the wide variety of infantry positions, in addition to JSFAW roles such as rotary transport and attack pilot; applicants to the Unit, as well as currently serving members can experience a wide variety of positions during training and operations.

      Although striving for realism and focused on maturity, members of the Unit are laid back and easy to befriend. Applicants, if unsure, are welcome to our TeamSpeak to meet with our current members, and processed applicants. Even though we have a proper rank structure following the British army, we refer to each other both in and out of game with our names.

      If you are unsure on whether or not UK-SF would be a good match for you, and vice versa for our unit; feel free to come down to our TeamSpeak. An SR-1 Officer will get in contact with you to answer your questions and put you in the right direction.

      What are we looking for?


      • Maturity,
      • Ability to speak and understand English,
      • Working microphone & TeamSpeak,
      • Having time to take part in our mandatory operations every Saturday, 8PM GMT,
      • Interest to take part in our optional but highly recommended training, every Wednesday, 8PM GMT,
      • Having enough space for our modpack, and being okay with downloading it,
      • Willingness to learn more and improve oneself, and ability to work in a team, as a team.

      How do I join the Unit?

      Application to the Unit takes three phases.

      For Phase I, you need to submit an application. You may click here, or simply click on Join UK-SF button at the navigation bar. Please make sure you fill the application fully and properly, and do not forget to add your steam URL - so that the SR-1 Officer assigned to you can easily contact you. From there on, you are more than welcome to stick around on our TeamSpeak. Your SR-1 officer will approach to you, or you can approach to him should he adds you on Steam Friends.

      In Phase II, your SR-1 Officer will play a game with you. It can be one of our operations, or it could simply be a game of King of the Hill. This is done so that you are aware of the very basics of the game, as well as to make sure you fulfill the basic requirements for our unit such as the maturity clause. In any case, upon completion of this stage, you will be moved onto Phase II.

      Phase III is the final process for your application status. This includes an interview with you and your SR-1 Officer, recorded for quality assurance purposes, as well as for SR-10 processing. You will be asked several questions during this recorded interview, and it will than be forwarded to the SR-10, who will make a decision based on your SR-1 Officers advise. Should you pass this stage, you would be promoted from Candidate to Recruit. Path from Recruit to Private is handled through training, and you should get more information about it by your SR-1 Officer.

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